About Us

We are a group of metamorphic geologists and geochronologists hosted within The Institute of Geoscience Research (TIGeR) at Curtin University. Our principal research interests include high-T and ultrahigh-T metamorphism; high–P and ultrahigh–P metamorphism; fluid flow in mid-crustal rocks; the P–T–t–d evolution and tectonics of metamorphic belts, and the application of petrology to understanding orogenic evolution; and, secular change and styles of tectonics and metamorphism.

This website is dedicated to the dissemination of information, images and datasets collected from high-grade metamorphic and ancient terranes that the team has visited and worked on.

The links above will take you to pages that have information on the area, photo galleries of the rocks and region and well as some links to the work we have published on the area. Please feel free to use any of the images you find useful for teaching.

If you want any further information get in contact with us via the Contact page.


We are back for Series 5!

Join us Thursday for the first seminar of the series. Dr Nicolas Flament will be presenting: Setting the lower mantle free.

Thurs. 6th Oct. at 12:00 UTC - Zoom
(Thurs. AM Americas; Thurs. PM Aus/Asia)

Quartz inclusions, rutile needles in a garnet from the ultrahigh pressure gneisses on Fjortøft Island in western Norway. #ThinsectionThursday (on a Friday)

Possibly the most epic selfie I’ve taken 🌋

I shot this on a 200mm lens, so compression makes me appear closer. The camera was 100 meters away from me, and the distance between me and the crater is 250 meters, which was a safe distance for that eruption.


Great piece on lodsdaleite and curiosity driven research by ⁦@ProfAndyTomkins in #conversationAU. Great stuff!!!

Folded diamond has been discovered in a rare type of meteorite. How is this possible? - The Conversation AU https://apple.news/A92zyHCA1R4e7h5x5c0_p_Q

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Our Partners and Collaborators

We work with key collaborators including Martin Hand and Alan Collins at University of Adelaide, Mike Brown at the University of Maryland and Andrew Kylander-Clark at University of California Santa Barbara

We also collaborate with a number of external parters including:

The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA)

The Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA)

Mineral Exploration (MinEX) CRC