Chris Clark

Steve Reddy

Tim Johnson

Pete Kinny

PhD Students

Tommaso Tacchetto

Riley Rohrer

Jonas Kämpf

Sean Makin

Julian Alfing

Past Members

2017 – 2019 Dr Milo Barham Funded through Minerals Research Institute of WA

2016 – 2019 Dr Hugo Olierook Funded through the Science and Industry Endowment Fund

2016 – 2017 Dr Timmons Erickson Funded through the Australian Research Council

2012 – 2017 Dr Richard Taylor Funded through a Curtin University strategic research project

2014 – 2017 Dr Diana Plavsa Funded through the Science and Industry Endowment Fund

2014 – 2017 Dr Andrea Agangi Funded through the Science and Industry Endowment Fund

2009-2012 Dr Fawna Korhonen Funded through the Australia India Strategic Research Fund

Past PhD Students

2019 – 2021 S Makin Metamorphic evolution of the southern WGC, Norway (MSc)

2016 – 2020 J Chard Petrochronology of rocks within the Eucla AFO system (PhD)

2016 – 2019 M Hartnady Crustal evolution of the Eucla-Albany Fraser orogeny (PhD)

2016 – 2020 J Moore Fluid-rock systems in Central Australia and Norway (PhD)

2016 – 2020 R Mitchell Overprinting UHT with UHT in the Eastern Ghats, India (PhD)

2015 – 2019 A Prent Microstructural response of rocks to fluid infiltration (PhD)

2015 – 2018 S Armandola Basin evolution in the Capricorn region, Western Australia (PhD)

2014 – 2017 E Blereau Drivers of UHT metamorphism around the Rogaland Anorthosite Comlpex (PhD)

2014 – 2018 I Jahn Crustal evolution of the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia (PhD)

2014 – 2017 H Meadows Fault zone evolution in the Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia (PhD)

2013 – 2017 V Meier Tectonothermal evolution of the Kerala Khondalite Belt, southern India (PhD)

Past Honours Students

2021 H Rolfe Petrochronological evolution of metapelitic rocks from Mount Narrryer, WA

2020 L Lu Metamorphic evolution of metapelitic rocks in the Fraser Zone, WA

2017 K Glasson Metamorphic evolution of gabbroic rocks in the Fraser Zone, WA

2016 L Oliver Thermometry in UHT rocks from the Rauer Islands, east Antarctica

2015 L Hersey Rehydrating the deep, dry crust, Holsnøy, Norway

2013 L Barnes P-T-t evolution of the Harts Range Group, central Australia

2013 A Roberts Constraining the age and metamorphic conditions of Earth’s hottest crust

2013 L Maxwell Metamorphic history of ky-st-bi schists from Fenoarivo, NE Madagascar

2013 L Riechardt Geological history of the Southern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica

2013 E Blereau Formation of charnockites in the UHT metamorphic rocks of South India

2013 M Rensburg Calabrian blueschists (Italy) and geodynamic implications

2013 T Do Geochemistry of the Trillbar mafics, Carpicorn Orogen, WA

2012 I Jahn Tectonothermal evolution of the basement of northern Yell, Shetland Islands

2012 S Davis Tectonothermal evolution of the basement of Archaean gneisses, Shetland Islands

2011 M Adams Structural and geochronological evolution of Pt Malcolm, WA

2011 G Carmichael Fluid flow history of Sunrise Dam gold mine, WA

2010 C Oorschot Thermal evolution of the Fraser Ranges, Western Australia

2010 A Josephs Heat-production and metamorphism in the Eastern Ghats, India